Use of Disability Attorney

disabilityThe Social Security Act of 1935 was a law that created old age benefits for people that could no longer work after reaching a certain age. Just over 20 years later, an amendment to this law for the elderly gave benefits to include disabled adults, regardless of age. Over the years, the number of elderly and disabled increased to a point that makes it difficult for those in need of such income to be able to receive the benefit upon first application. Most recently it has been estimated that more than sixty percent of disability claims are denied. This number is greatly reduced using attornies for assistance.

The large numbers of denials have led people in need of disability income to pursue assistance from attorneys that specialize in this area of legal advice. In some states, although this is a federal benefit intended for all citizens, it may be impossible to receive disability income without legal assistance. In these cases, applicants find themselves unprepared and unsure of their rights as disabled citizens.
Finding an attorney to assist with disability income is not particularly difficult, however, the following should be considered:

• knowledge of disability laws
• success in previous cases
• compassion for clients

It is not necessary, but might be helpful to consider that your legal advice on disability matters come from an organization that specifically concentrates on disability insurance laws. A law firm with this common ground is not likely to be distracted or persuaded to consider other areas of law. Disability attorneys are most likely to consider the common goal of all who are seeking government assistance regarding disability income. It is also thought that someone with knowledge of disability requirements is more likely to be heard on the matter.

Social Security Disability is intended to supply financial assistance to individuals that paid into Social Security during their younger, working years. Becoming disabled in the United States should not mean that a person is no longer a vital part of society. There is a list of disabilities provided by Social Security that are included as qualifying disabilities. These include a variety of both physical and mental conditions that are considered when qualifying a disabled person for government assistance.

A disability attorney will advise, based upon a standard for consideration of disability income is a person’s inability to make a living in support of their family. Documentation is required in providing such proof of an individual’s inability to continue providing the family’s income. For this reason, it is a large benefit to the disabled if they obtain assistance from an attorney that represents them in a disability case.

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