The Safety Benefits of LED Auto Headlamps

ledFor over a century, automobiles have been an intrinsic part of American lifestyle. From the early beginnings of automobiles there was an increasing desire to improve and expand on the capabilities of the automobile. This is still the case today, with vast amounts of technological advances in automobiles; newer cars have some of the best capabilities to provide drivers and passengers comfort and safety.

Since a vast majority of Americans get their transportation from automobiles, it is in increasingly important to advance the safety of motor vehicle transportation. One of the ways this is done is by increasing the quality of safety related items on a car such as: the frame, headlights, brakes, mirrors, motion sensors, seat belts and airbags. High quality automobile safety items can and do save tens of thousands of lives each year. Because of this it is vitally important to have a high standard in the materials used for all safety components in a car.

The National Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there are 6.8 million car accidents a year, of that number; 1 million are caused from collisions with animals like deer. Proper safety features on a car can make all the difference in protecting against these types of accidents and can reduce how severe an accident is if one should occur. One of the primary accident issues is improper roadway lighting which contributes to thousands of accidents each year.

But there are several ways to reduce collisions with animals such as deer. The first, is having and using proper lighting of the roadway. While most drivers may think that all head lamps are the same quality on a car, this is not the case. With the use of high quality LED lighting, drivers find that the area of the roadway that is lit in front of them and the power of the beam of light is greater than with standard halogen headlamp light bulbs. In addition, LED lights last longer and are more energy efficient. This means LED headlamps drain less power from a car battery. Automobile owners that use 194 led bulbs for their headlights, or similar LED bulbs for their headlamps will find they have a much greater chance of avoiding an accident due to low lighting. Since collisions with animals such as deer cause over 200 deaths each year and over 10,000 serious injuries, it is easy to see why having proper safety features on a car such as quality headlamps can be a lifesaver.

High quality LED headlamps for car lighting can increase road visibility by as much as 35 percent. Proper road visibility can significantly reduce the risk of collisions with animals such as deer. In addition, these headlamp bulbs last thousands of hours more than traditional car headlamp bulbs. Because of these amazing advantages many newer cars are being designed with LED headlamp lighting as a standard.

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